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About us and our services

Monitus (which derives from the Latin for “advice”) was founded by Michael Whitaker. I started out building online stores, but was quickly drawn towards trying to make sense of the data behind businesses. Data analysis tools and techniques keep changing, but what's still required is thoughful analysis and problem-solving skills that take into account the context that businesses operate in.

There are plenty of solutions looking for a problem to solve. I always try to understand the problem first.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics consulting

We do Google Analytics v4 implementations, migrations and audits.

Google Analytics 4 for Turbify

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager consulting

We specialize in web and server-side Google Tag Manager implementations.

Analytics Buddy for Shopify

Analytics Buddy app
A free app for Shopify merchants that checks the quality of your Google Analytics data and provides attribution information for each order.

Data Visualization

Custom visualization
We create custom dashboards and visualizations for your team.

Custom App Development

We create beautiful custom web apps for your business. Need to visualize data in a unique way or need a workflow that works just for you? Let us hear your ideas!

Security Audits

Security audits
Any third-party script that you install on your site can become a security risk and make you and your users vulnerable to attack.

Some of our clients

Albee Baby, Since 1933


Tackle Direct


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